Automatic transmission repair service center

S&S Automaten-Technik GmbH - your first choice for automatic transmission repairs in Switzerland.


We have many years of experience in the field of overhauling, repair and wear protection of automatic transmissions of all manufacturers.

We can offer really attractive conditions.


We also repair / overhaul transfer gearbox and differential of all manufacturers.


Service overview:
- Automatic transmission repair and service
- Manual transmission repair and service
- Converter revision
- Transmission flushing / transmission oil change
- Differential gear repair/revision

- Transfer case repair/revision
- Haldex gear repair/revision
- Transmission control unit repair & programming
- Spare parts for automatic transmission and manuel transmission


Automatic transmission flushing

A rinse and flush process is required to remove contamination and sediment. To increase the life of the gearbox, gearbox flushing should be performed every 60'000km. It makes sense to react before a defect of the automatic transmission happens, if you determine any of these following, you should contact us :

- jerking during inserting gear
- beat, jerk during gear change
- delay during gear change

Do you notice one or more of these properties? If yes, it
's time to contact us!


Transmission control unit repair & programming

We repair automatic transmission control units quickly, reliably for a reasonable and fair price.

Repair service for:
- Multitronix control units
- CVT control units
- DSG control units

Safe your time and also money - repair instead of buying.

Warranty: 12 months.

For any inquiries please use the contact form below or call us, thank you

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